Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ramen (JR Tower)

Sapporo the Northen Kitchen....

Had a nice bowl of ramen (sorry Leo, could'nt help myself) for lunch today, nice a warm in the cold.

These crabs are great for a nice hot pot!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sapporo JR Tower

Sapporo Tower has great things to do and eat, not to mention the shops!

On level 10 there are so many restaurants but my favourite would the the Ramen section. Once you enter there are about 10 Ramen stores designed in their old fashion type of street eatery which adds to the atmosphere, the food is great and very cheap ranging from 600-900 yen for a bowl of ramen. Needless to say, Sapporo is renowned for its ramen so you won't go wrong in here.

On level 11 there is a nice roof top garden with great view of the mountains, pretty well maintained and great on a nice sunny day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Coleslaw Anyone?

Spotted these huge Cabbages in our local supermarket in Asabu.

You must have a big family or love Coleslaw to need to buy one of these huge Cabbages for 590Yen ($6.50 AUD), food in general is very cheap her so not bad..

It's much bigger than a large watermelon but not as heavy


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Re Ra Factory Outlets

Re Ra Factory Outlet near Shin Chitose airport is worth visiting. The shops are laid out like a village with about 100 shops (according to their guide).
Virtually has all the brands you can think of or ones you never heard of, also plenty of entertainment for kids like shows and play areas.
You can catch the airport bus which drops you off at next to the train station and walk about 500 meters, cost is about 1000¥.

Sapporo Clock Tower

The famous Clock Tower, I was a little disappointed. I guess you have to go in and read about it's significance to appreciate it's history.
It stands out like a sore thumb with all the modern building around it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maruyama Doubutsu - en (Zoo) - Sapporo

Spent the day at the zoo as we have a yearly pass.

My 4 yr old was spoilt for choice where she went to Taroonga Zoo (Sydney) on regularly since she was young.

Suprisingly Maruyama Zoo is quite good for it's size, many exotic animals as you would find in any larger zoo's. I would say the main attraction would be the polar bears and snow monkeys, worth a visit if you have kids and only 15 min bus ride from Sapporo...


Odori Koen (Park) - Sapporo Hokkaido

A nice shot of the tower at end of Odori Koen (park), constantly always some kind of outdoor event every weekend making most of the nice weather before the snow arrives.

That is certainly one thing I noticed since living in Sapporo, people really take to the outdoors and enjoy the short summer which is nice..

The park is decorated with nice flowers and food vendors selling nice local produce like corn cobs, soft serve ice cream (very nice because of the dairy forms), potato chips (french fries) etc..